Video | Cum Load Sexperiment: Day Two Re-Do [HJ53]


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Since the 2 day abstinence was the smallest cum load in my sexperiment, I do another 2 day abstinence, but this time I use the same method of teasing as in the 5 day abstinence, which produced the largest cum load. I’m starting to think that cum volume has more to do with cock teasing than length of time in abstinence, but I still need to do more tests to be sure I will continue my sexperiment, but I’ve decided to take a break from posting the results and will move on to some other fun things…stay tuned

*** Important*** This isn’t official research and there are many factors that can affect a man’s volume of ejaculate. However, this series is just for fun! So while I will be trying to keep everything accurate, there will also be things out of my control. But most importantly, the variable I want to focus on and measure is how length of abstinence affects cum load.

See the rest of the series here:

As usual, I’ll have him locked up in between sessions (I like him to never know what’s coming next) with The Vice, my favourite chastity cage.

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