Video | Chastity Week followed by a Ruined Orgasm [HJ5]



What does a pet look like when he’s cock teased and ruined with a flogger? Read on to find out 😉 After a week in a chastity cage (other than to be edged and denied), I release my pet after restraining him to the bed. His engorged cock, tightly filling the cock cage with anticipation makes it difficult for me to release it. Once freed, I  leave on the cock ring while I tease some more, his balls visibly turning blue as I turn him on with light touches. His fat cock is finally freed for a half hour of teasing, edging, and spasm-inducing denial.

I make my pet an offer, I give him the choice to cum at my hands or to fuck me without cumming. His indecision quickly displeases me, which causes me to make the decision for him – much to his dismay. Through pain, tickling, teasing, and titillating torment, I bring my pet to the brink, only to take his orgasm  away from him at the last moment as I flog him thoroughly, ruining the release he so eagerly awaited.

If you like this ruin, then check out this ruined orgasm video when I slap his inner thighs right after I stopped teasing his cock when he started cumming.

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