Video | Handjob Teasing, Edging and Femdom Tutorial (JOI) – My 3 Basic Moves [HJ6]



In this video, I take on the role of instructor, using my pet as my training instrument. I take time to explain 3 basic moves in this handjob JOI tutorial and how to combine them to tease and edge yourself or your partner. Watch me toy with my pet while I discuss games I like to play like: “cum or fuck.” I also cover other topics including skin sensitivity, anal stimulation, humiliation, teasing games, negotiations, etc. Finally, after I have had my fun with him, I end the playtime with a spectacular ruined orgasm while I laugh cruelly at his suffering. See part two of my JOI tutorial video series here!

If you would like to learn more about my thoughts on femdom and its benefits, check out this video.

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