I love creating, the creative process, and all forms of creative expression. For myself, I discovered early in life the beauty of words. The way they could be chosen and arranged taking them from tools of simple communication and elevating them into forms of pure expression just like any other artform. Words are truly one of life’s greatest gifts to me.

Embracing my own sexuality is acknowledging that I enjoy being sensually dominant. I love exploring my dominant side. I love exploring the interplay of domination and submission – physical and psychological. And I especially love exploring the fantasy of it all through my words. (I often get turned on when I’m writing or editing my work…which can definitely help, but also hinder the creative process 😜)

There are two basic forms that I’ve chosen to express these two passions of mine: Through short stories (some loosely related to my personal life), and through something similar to what I would consider hypnotic meditations, both united by the shared goal of creating erotic, sensual, psychologically submissive experiences.

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