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What is this all about?

VelvetVeronica.com is a BDSM site where I create content focused on many aspects of Femdom. Characterized as a gentle domination, my form of femdom leans to the softer side of the BDSM spectrum. As some of my fans have proclaimed, I’m the gateway drug to heavier BDSM that many are reluctant to enjoy. Through deliberate caresses and playful teasing, my style has attracted both hard core BDSM veterans and fresh-as-a-flower vanilla folks alike.

Let me tell you a bit about my visitors:

  • 12% returning.
    60% mobile, 33% desktop, 7% tablet (yes, my site is fully mobile responsive).
  • 11% female (What can I say, the ladies love to learn), 89% male.
  • 55% of visitors are between the ages of 25-34, the next largest group is 18-24 (young minds are discovering the joys of Femdom and BDSM).
  • 70% of traffic comes from direct, social referral, and organic search (SEO & social strategy is paying off).
  • 41% average month-over-month visitor growth since starting in April 2018.

Enough about me, let's talk about you. I’m looking for a very complementary set of partners who are looking to advertise to my fans. To be clear - I value my fans, so I’m not interested in putting ads in front of them that don’t make sense. I’m looking for a specific type of partner that continues to build up my reputation as a Dominatrix.

Now let's get to the details. I have three ad groups:

Group 1 is focused strictly on my free galleries and “Services & More” pages, as not everyone is looking for paid content, so I'm not afraid to place ads in front of those users to help balance the costs of providing the free content. Both get quite a bit of traffic, because, free porn! Also, my Services & More page attracts loads of interested subs looking for delicious nuggets of femdom service that can fill their deepest desires. To be quite honest, the vast majority of the inquiries I get are too far away for me to visit, but that doesn’t stop them from scrolling up and down the page, soaking it all in! With the compliment of the right advertisers, those pages will hopefully have them

Group 1 ads will rotate all ads through purchased ad locations, which include the Services & More page (300x250 & 900x250) and  Gallery Directory & Galleries pages (900x250 & 300x250).

Group 2 is a little more intrusive to my visitors, so the price to advertise is proportionately higher. These pages also receive more traffic, and are generally visited by people who regularly purchase adult content and items online. One thing you’ll notice, is that as the groups progress, the number of ad spots diminishes. Free galleries get a decent amount of ads, while my Group 2 pages like my shop and product pages will see a few select ads so that it doesn’t create confusion or visually tire my fans out....that is, after all, my job ;).

Group 2 ads will rotate all ads through all Group 1 ad locations as well as rotate through all purchased Group 2 ad locations, which include the Shop (one 300x250 ad in sidebar) and the Product Pages (three 300x250 side by side or one 900x250)

Group 3 is the most intrusive. Curious onlookers will see fixed ads on my home page and site footer (site footer is persistent across all pages). These are expensive, mostly because I don’t have a lot of motivation to put ads on my home page. But, as always, if the price is right...

Group 3 ads do not rotate and are purchased as standalone ad spots: one ad will occupy one spot for the duration of the term. These ads will also be added to the rotation in Groups 1 & 2. Ad locations available for Group 3 include the About Section (on the home page, right beside my bio - three 300x250 spots aligned vertically or one 250x900 vertical spot), the bottom of the Home page (three 300x250 or one 900x250), and the Footer (persistent throughout the entire site - one 900x250 or three 300x250)

There are 4 things you should know before you look at pricing:

Group packages are a pretty sweet deal. What does that mean? Group packages save you between 10% & 50%, depending whether you group locations AND ad sizes.

Purchasing 3 or 6 month at a time⁵ will save you an ADDITIONAL 25% and 50% respectively. If I don’t have to make changes monthly, that’s a pretty good deal for me, so I make it a good deal for you too.

Branded Content may not be cheap, but it’s the best long term bang for your buck. My galleries, videos and blog content will endure indefinitely, meaning you could get years of return for a single, fixed price. While I reserve the right to remove content in the future, the chances are pretty slim. I just have that caveat for the off chance a purchaser decides to do something in the future that I don’t align myself with.

$200 per hour | Sexy

Consisting of mostly crop-tops and short shorts, level one is meant to be revealing, yet still leave an air of mystery.

$300 per hour | Revealing

The next step up in immodesty leads you to the more revealing lingerie, panties and bras. While there are still things that have not yet been revealed, it devinitely allows you to feast your eyes.

$400 per hour | Sheer

This category doesn't leave much more to the imagination. With the right amount of sheer coverage, you can see just about everything without feeling like there are no surprises left.



Appointment required. Full nudity. Choose from voyeur or first-person point of view (POV) camera angles. Options include:

  • Sexy time with just me. Includes pictures, short videos, and chatting via kik or snapchat. $200 for 30 minutes.
  • Sexy time with me and my pet. Be a part of the fun and make requests of what you'd like to see us do (due to several limiting factors, not all requests can be honored). Includes pictures, short videos, and chatting via kik or snapchat. $300 for 30 minutes.

Dating Confidence

Sometimes all a gentleman needs to get his mojo in check is to spend some time with a confident, beautiful lady. I'll let you take me for coffee for 30 minutes where we can discuss how you should approach dating, flirting, etc. Further to this, I can also play a breif role in your real life by providing rendezvous scenarios.


Rendezvous Scenarios

Need to impress your friends? Want to give them a story to tell around the watercooler? Hire me for almost any scenario and they'll be telling this story for decades. Some examples are:

  • Public Humiliation - You are out with your friends, I approach you and embarrass you (slap you, throw panties in your face, call you out for not calling be back for a second date, etc.).
  • Ego Booster - I approach you in the bar, flirt with you, and ask for your number in front of your friends.
  • I Need A Hero - I can be in some sort of distress where you can save the day.

Pricing varies depending on time, planning, and the conditions of the situation.

Virtual Dominatrix

You need a strong and sexy Dom. I can help you with that. Some of the ways in which I can be your Dom include:

  • Findom
  • Key Holding
  • Orgasm Control
  • Humiliation
  • Sissification/Feminization
  • Instructions

As each case varies in intensity and activity, please contact me with a detailed description of what you need from your Dom and I will let you know pricing. Because it is time consuming, please expect it to require an approx commitment of $1000 per month.

Buy My Stuff

In addition to my videos, I also make the outfits I wear and the toys I use available for purchase.

You can purchase everything from my worn bras and panties, lingerie, outfits, chastity cages, sex toys and dildos, just to name a few. Please specify if you'd like them sent cleaned or recently used, as everyone has their own preference. It shouldn't need to be said, but unless otherwise discussed or mentioned, these items are NOT new 😉...

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