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A Brutal Session: Teasing, Feet, Chastity, Face Dildo, Numbing Cream & Denial

This is a brutal session! I put my pet through the gauntlet for more than a half hour of tease and torture. I start by making him worship my feet, then tease him with my pussy in his face, but no licking! Eventually I let him have a taste, then tease his locked up cock… [read more]

Femdom Sex Position 2: My Pussy Makes Him Cum Fast!

What I love about a Femdom sex position is that it gives him very little control. I can edge him for hours or can make him cum in seconds. In this video, as soon as I ease down onto his hard cock, my tight pussy feels so good to him that he cums in less than a minute… [read more]

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Handjob Teasing, Edging and Femdom Tutorial (JOI) – My 3 Basic Moves

In this video, Veronica takes on the role of instructor, using her pet as her training instrument. She takes time to explain 3 basic moves, and how to combine them to tease and edge your man… [read more]

Cock Teasing – Edging and Post Orgasm Torture

In this video, Veronica slowly teases her pets cock, masterfully bringing him to orgasm. Just as her pet realizes she hasn’t ruined the orgasm, his enjoyment turns quickly from euphoria to panic as… [read more]

Exploring Soft Domination About Veronica Dyer

I am strong and confident woman and I enjoy Femdom that is gentle, yet deliberate. Playing and toying with my pet inside the world of soft domination is a lot of fun.

Most notably, I have a passion for teasing. I have made a special dedication to take teasing from mere child's play to an exquisite, skilled art form that transcends the mundane and expected.

My focus is on subtlety and creating profound feeling within that forgotten, yet infinite space of pleasure just waiting to be had.

One of my specialties is cock teasing. I've always felt that the poor handjob didn't receive enough love. I set out to change that perception with mind-blowing experiences that now has my pet wrapped around my little finger.

I create genuine soft Femdom videos to share my passion with the world. There is a serious lack of authenticity in porn. For those who appreciate natural dialogue and realistic content that doesn't sacrifice what it means to be sexy, then you'll enjoy my videos.

I hope what I do not only inspires others, but also helps to empower women by finding the inner Domme in all of them.

It's a lot of fun to explore - how far you take Femdom is up to you! Plus, it will change your relationship forever...your partner won't complain once they see the light, I promise 😉

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