You Will Love to Hate Me
A Little About Veronica Dyer

I'm a Soft Domme, and I have a passion for teasing. I have made a special dedication to take teasing from mere child's play to an exquisite, skilled art form that transcends the mundane and expected. My focus is on subtlety and creating profound feeling within that forgotten, yet infinite space of pleasure just waiting to be had.

One of my specialties is cock teasing. I've always felt that the poor handjob didn't receive enough love. I set out to change that perception with mind-blowing experiences that now has my pet wrapped around my little finger.

I hope what I do not only inspires others, but also helps to empower women by finding the inner Domme in all of them. It's a lot of fun - how far you take it is up to you! Plus, it will change your relationship forever...your partner won't complain once they see the light, I promise 😉 


Tantalize Your Senses
A Wide Selection of Videos

From Fetish to friendly, Veronica’s wide selection of videos appeal to the finest tastes. Shot at home with professional lighting and equipment, her videos are all 1080p HD or better. Videos cover many tastes: teasing, solo-play, classic, edging, friendly femdom, and other fetishes.

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Freshly Updated Photo Galleries

Veronica’s galleries are filled with delicious photos of her posing and playing. She retains an amateur, classic feel while producing professional, clear photographs. Veronica is also willing to take requests for her clientele.

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What’s Your Flavour
Panties, G-Strings, & Thongs

Cozy cotton couture to revealing high fashion, Veronica has a wide selection of panties for you to choose from to satisfy your fetish.
Check out her store to see what she has available as her drawers change daily. You never know what you might find.

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