Video | My Pet Gets Revenge & He Punishes Me! Then He Gives Me a Reward ;) (FU29)



Many of you have been asking, so here it is! A video where I let my pet tie me down and tease and edge me into oblivion. After getting asked time and time again to let my pet tie me up and edge me (like I did once in this previous video) I finally obliged!

I was really turned on one afternoon, so I deciced to play with myself. It didn’t take long before I wanted my pet’s mouth to help out, so I called him in. I was enjoying riding his face so much, I relented and decided to give him the chance to tie me up and edge me. After more edges than I can remember, he ruins my orgasm as a revengeful punishment, before releasing me, and fucking me or a full orgasm doggystyle.

I should also mention that this video is the first to feature my new favorite vibrator/dildo combo. It’s been my go to now for almost 2 years and is a delightful little piece of tech for any lady looking for mind-altering orgasms. The biggest difference in the sucking end is that the sucker has a little rubber tab inside that lightly taps on my clit. It’s very subtle, but makes ALL the difference! It’s also the first vibrator that let me experience multiple orgasms thanks to it not being overpowered.

If you’re a woman that is still looking for a toy that is’t too slight or too intense, or if you want to please your lady, you can get it here:


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