Video | 7 Days of Chastity, Edging, Teasing & Denial – Day 7 [HJ32]



My pet has actually managed to make it to day 7 of his chastity, tease, and denial week! Only, the day doesn’t go how he expects. It ends up being one of the most anticlimactic days of his life. He thinks he gets to cum, but what he doesn’t realize, is that 7 days of cock teasing, edging, and denial means 7 FULL days of denial, including this one. I think his spirit is broken, because he doesn’t even put up that much of a fight ????

Even worse, I don’t tease my pet’s cock in the way he is expecting: I use two paintbrushes to lightly arouse and torment his body and cock. It’s enough stimulation that it just barely teases him, but not enough stimulation to actually give him any gratifying pleasure. It’s about one of the cruelest things I put him through 😉

The chastity device I’m using is from Locked in Lust. It’s by far one of the best cock cages I’ve used on my pet. To see a detailed review of the product, you can watch this review video, or read this blog post.

If you’re interested in getting one yourself, be sure to use the code “velvet” at checkout to get 15% off your purchase!


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