Video | 7 Days of Chastity, Edging, Teasing & Denial – Day 6 [HJ31]



The hell week of chastity, tease and denial is almost done for my pet. It’s day 6, and I put my gentle femdom prowess to work with a clear fleshlight. I use the fleshlight to tease his throbbing cock, but before I do, I make him a deal: If he can get through the cock teasing session without saying any words, then I’ll let this be his last day. And if you know anything about my pet, you’ll know that’s next to impossible for him ????

I also warn him, that even though he can’t say anything, if he cums, I’ll make him start his chastity and denial week all over again. This terrifies my pet, but he takes the deal on. As expected, several seconds into the tease he already says something. So unfortunately for him, his denial week doesn’t end early. Stay tuned, because the last tease and denial day is coming soon!

The chastity device I’m using is from Locked in Lust. It’s by far one of the best cock cages I’ve used on my pet. To see a detailed review of the product, you can watch this review video, or read this blog post.

If you’re interested in getting one yourself, be sure to use the code “velvet” at checkout to get 15% off your purchase!


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