Video | Ultimate Tease and Denial Compilation [CV4]



If you enjoy tease and denial, then you’ll love this compilation. It’s over 20 minutes of me toying with my pet and edging him, then shutting him down hard! Nothing makes me hotter than knowing I’ve turned my pet on just to send him away horny and frustrated. I like to think of it as teaching him to truly appreciate and value his orgasms 😉 This compilation features 7 different videos, you can find the list of them below:

  1. FU5
  2. HJ19
  3. FU16
  4. HJ4
  5. FU10
  6. HJ13
  7. HJ15


Length File Size File Type Video Container/Encoding Resolution Frame Rate Video Bitrate Audio Container/Encoding Audio Bitrate
20:55 Minutes 977 MB MP4 H.264 1080p (1920 x 1080) 60 fps 6,208 kbps AAC 317 kbps Stereo