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If you’ve been dying to see my pet get pegged by yours truly, then this is your opportunity. I’ve never pegged him before, and being a soft domme, I’ve never felt the urge to want to explore that concept. However, I’m not opposed to trying it, but a little motivation never hurt anyone.

This video only involves me pegging my pet. If you would like to combine it with other concepts (like bondage, creampie, etc), we can discuss a fair price for the exclusivity of additional aspects of play. I do limit any video to 3 concepts maximum unless previously discussed.

Once purchased, you become the director and give me a few cues for this future production. Tell me what you want to see, and I’ll make it happen (within reason, of course ??). Concepts must remain simple (no overly complex plots, or succession of varied activities) and must suit my style and personality. I don’t mind stepping out of my comfort zone, but don’t ask me


Expected video length is 10-20 minutes, and 2-3 scene changes. Faces will always be covered/blurred (everything else is uncovered for your viewing pleasure, I have to retain some mystery, right?!? ?). I will take your suggestions under advisement when planning the video – but will make the final decisions on camera angles, lighting, and all other aspects of of the video.

Please note that you should contact me prior to ordering. I do have limitations, and refunds are difficult to obtain if you haven’t done your due diligence first, or if I have already started filming. That being said, I do enjoy working with creative clients to film videos that satisfy their unique fetishes. Many of my videos were inspired and supported by fans like you.

I do retain all rights to the videos, which includes the ability to sell it on my website as well as any other channel I choose. I am willing to give producing credit if desired (in the form I choose) and will always remove all identifying dialogue and information prior to making it available, if desired.