Video | Cum Load Sexperiment: Day Six [HJ50]


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Day 5 of my cum load sexperiment was a huge day! My pet is convinced it’s because I did a long edging and cock teasing session with him, but I’m not certain yet. The only way to know for sure is to test that variable separately, while I will do later. But for now, it’s day 6, which means my pet hasn’t had an orgasm in almost a week! Time to measure his cum load again and see what happens. Since my pet thinks that it was the cock teasing is what produced the large cum load in the last video, I decide to do another lengthy tease session to see if the cum load is large again. This time, I use a cock sleeve stroker sex toy while giving him a handjob and have some fun edging and teasing his cock! The results surprised me again 😉

*** Important*** This isn’t official research and there are many factors that can affect a man’s volume of ejaculate. However, this series is just for fun! So while I will be trying to keep everything accurate, there will also be things out of my control. But most importantly, the variable I want to focus on and measure is how length of abstinence affects cum load.

See the rest of the series here:

As usual, I’ll have him locked up in between sessions (I like him to never know what’s coming next) with The Vice, my favourite chastity cage.

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