Video | Ten Days of Toys & Teasing: Day 10 [HJ39]



It’s the last day of my teasing with toy series! And I’ve saved the best toy for last 😉 I use a special vibrator designed just for men called the Nobra Twincharger. You can purchase your own at This powerful toy packs quite a punch with two, 12 volt motors! I use it to tease and edge my pet’s cock and have some fun with him. But I create a challenge for him that I know he will certainly fail! I tell him he’s not allowed to cum, and that if he does, he will be punished. Of course I know that he won’t be able to succeed, and after I ruin his orgasm, the punishment I give him is post orgasm torture with the crazy strong vibrator! He squirms and jerks around, but he can’t do anything to escape because I’ve tied him down good 😉


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