Video | Ten Days of Toys & Teasing: Day 4 [HJ35]



It’s day 4 of teasing with toys! Today I tease my pet with a new cock sleeve stroker/fleshlight and I have fun tormenting as I edge him over and over again. I’ve been pretty harsh on my pet over the last couple of days, so today I take it easier on him…but not without conditions, of course 😉

First I make a deal with him: if he can not say his favorite words, “Oh Fuck,” I’ll not only let him cum, but I won’t ruin his orgasm. Then after I keep him on the edge for what feels like eternity to him, I make him go through five more brutal edges, and if he can still not say “Oh Fuck” or cum in that time, I’ll give him full satisfaction. Think he can succeed? 😉

Want to get your hands on this stroker? Just visit this link!

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