Video | Ten Days of Toys & Teasing: Day 8 [FU21]



For Day 8 of cock teasing with toys, I try something a little different. This time, instead of communicating with my pet, I talk to you, my viewer. So when I torment, it’s your cock I’m teasing and denying. I hope you like it because it wasn’t easy to get my pet to shut his usually loud mouth 😉

I poke and prod you a bit to see what it will take to make you give up your orgasm for me, but deep down, I already know – I just drag the tease out until I’ve got you where I want you 😉 I use 5 different toys to tease your cock in this video, the first one starting with your cock in chastity. After I remove your chastity device, I put on a cock ring, and then use my Hitachi and make you watch me pleasure myself, while using it on your cock every so often to keep you hungry. But I don’t cum yet, that would be too easy.

Next, I get out my black dildo and fuck my pussy with it right beside your cock, because I know your desire to get inside me is now almost unbearable. I give your cock a little taste of my sweet pussy by riding it very briefly and by now you’ll do anything for me, and give me anything I want. What do I want? Today, it’s to make you suffer by giving up your orgasm while I cum blissfully and keep your cock denied.

Just how do I ensure you give up your orgasm for me? It has something to do with the 5th toy I use on you cock, but you’ll have to watch to find out ????



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