New Video! | 7 Days of Chastity, Teasing & Denial – Day 1

Not Ruined, but Denied!

This week I’m bringing you something a little different. I’ve decided that my pet will get a week of teasing sessions followed by denial. In the final video, I’m going to show you how big of a load he has built up!

These videos will be shorter and filmed more candidly, so forgive my simplicity while I torture him for your viewing pleasure! ????

After teasing him for 10 minutes, I make him take a cold shower and get back into his cage!

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  1. Would like to see more of you being tickled to orgasm , you are so sexy and love how vocal you are when being tickled and reaching orgasm

    Wish I was the one doing this for you

  2. I just love the way you manhandle these slaves. Cock cages work so well. My man pleased me before I discovered your site. Now it’s even better. My slave is almost always in his various cages unless we have to travel through TSA. For me it’s handcuffs and shackles on, cage off and cage on restraints off. Being a corrections officer has its perks. Always have cuffs and shackles around. My girlfriend loves this too. She just got her man in chastity and it’s working well for her. Yesterday my 2 girlfriends were over and they teased my slave with me for a while but they accidentally over teased him and he had an unscheduled organism. Still trying to find a cage that can get him through TSA without taking off the cage. Give him a while and hopefully I break him enough where he can put his own cage on.

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