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Do I Own a Sex Slave?

Many people think my pet is my personal sex slave and servant. Others think that he’s just one of many men that I dominate. Still others think he submits to me willingly and/or unwillingly depending on their perception. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between. This post is to clear up some misconceptions about who my pet is and our relationship.

First of all, I have only one pet. While I get many requests, I have time for just one pet in my life–they take a lot of training 😉 That may change in the future, though for now it’s just me and him. But who is my pet? My pet is my friend. My partner. My confidant. My plaything. My roommate. My lover.

What my pet is not, however, is my husband or boyfriend (I have no desire to get married and I hate society-pressured relationship titles like “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”). My pet is also my equal. I don’t treat him like dirt, nor is he at my beck and call. The part of our sex life shown and shared in my Femdom videos is the part that strongly represents how we like to play.

I like to be dominant in the bedroom. He likes me to dominate him in the bedroom. It’s a pretty nice understanding that works well for both of us. Femdom, for us, is just one facet to the dynamic life we lead. It doesn’t influence every aspect of how we relate…though it totally can.

For me, however, I like soft domination that generally–though not always–stays within the bedroom. For others who practice Femdom, the choice in how far they take it is up to the individuals involved. All the same, it’s just an element of our sex life.

Sometimes I deny him. Sometimes I tease and deny him. Sometimes we make love. Sometimes we just fuck. Sometimes I make him pleasure me. Sometimes I make him wear a chastity cage. Sometimes I like to give him an amazing, teasing handjob. Sometimes I give him a ruined orgasm (actually that happens a lot). Regardless of what we do, I guess you could say that Femdom is the overarching paradigm that guides a lot of our sexual interactions.

This isn’t to say I go by some Femdom Handbook and follow it’s prescriptions or recommendations. How someone practices or experiences Femdom is totally unique to her or him. What we do is unique to us–there is no right or wrong. Other than that, I’d say we’re a pretty normal couple.

The “normal” part is probably the most important point to highlight though. Some people think that what I do is far beyond their ability to either find someone like me to do the same, or to find it within themselves to be dominant. But I want you to know it’s totally accessible. Speaking within a consensual framework of human relation, it really just comes down communicating and being open and willing to explore. (Or pay for it.) But that’s it.

So, to wrap up, my pet is simply a man who I share my life with. We like to play with Femdom. We like to share that Femdom component of our sexual life with others. And “pet” is just the affectionate name I give him when we play under the Femdom Big Top. I hope you have some fun there too 😉

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      We actually met on a vanilla dating site. It wasn’t until the 6 month mark that we started talking about kink. I showed him a cock cage and the rest was history! I’ll have to write a post on finding a domme. It’s not just a cut and dried formula, so I’ll have to compile some recommendations on who to look for one.

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